What to Expect


The usage rules of the trail are determined by which segment you are on. Biking, Hiking and Running is permitted along the entirety of the trail. Be prepared for equestrian use to be limited in certain urban regions. Before planning your route, reference the usage rules for the segment(s) you plan to explore. If you’re camping, look into the specific permitting and reservations for the area(s) you’re camping in. The trail concept is designed with Credit Card Touring in mind- a type of light and fast bike travel where lodging, food and amenities are available along the way.


Safety should be the number one concern for everyone using the Sun Corridor Trail. Sufficient water access for thru-hiking is not a guarantee, especially in the summer months. There are limited emergency services, especially along the more remote areas of the trail and trail conditions will vary. Using the Sun Corridor Trail is an at-your-own-risk activity. Please make your plans with weather conditions, water access, temperature, and wildlife encounters in mind. Always travel with first aid supplies on hand.

Leave No Trace

Any time you use a trail, whether for through-hiking or a quick mountain bike ride, it’s important to practice the principles of Leave No Trace. Doing so ensures the continued health and preservation of the ecosystem and the ability for it to be enjoyed by future generations. Please consult Visit Arizona’s guide and prepare to explore with the Seven Principles of Leave No Trace in mind.

Plan ahead & prepare
Trash your trash
Be careful with fire
Share the outdoors
Stick to trails
Leave what you find
Respect wildlife