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Uncover outdoor adventures, flourishing local businesses, and unwavering support for the Sun Corridor Trail project within our Trail Towns. Our valued partners and local businesses breathe life into the Sun Corridor Trail. They are the key to connecting you with the heart of the Southwest.

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For Municipalities:

The Trail Town Program celebrates cities that support the Sun Corridor Trail. These cities enhance the trail experience and help local businesses thrive, attracting new business and increasing tax revenues. As the economy prospers, residents enjoy more outdoor activities and see their property values rise, creating a vibrant and thriving community.

For Businesses:

Local businesses are crucial in the Trail Town Program. Receive promotional materials and be featured on the Sun Corridor Trail website.

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Watch this presentation to learn more about the future of the Sun Corridor Trail.

Explore the Sun Corridor Trail

The Sun Corridor Trail offers easy access to food, lodging, supplies, and gear in the welcoming Trail Towns. You’ll also find nearby attractions and enjoy the mental health benefits of the great outdoors.

Experience credit card touring, a style of bike travel with readily available lodging and amenities along the way, unlike traditional touring, where you carry everything.

Powered by Community Support

The Sun Corridor Trail is a non-profit, grant-funded program relying on the support of volunteers and the community. In 2021, the Sun Corridor Trail Alliance was awarded a $250,000 Outdoor Tourism Revitalization grant from the Arizona Office of Tourism. A portion of this grant is dedicated to developing marketing strategies and establishing the Trail Towns Program.

Additionally, the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Economic Development Administration (EDA) granted $4.5 million to the city of Bisbee, Arizona. This grant will fund the construction of a pedestrian and cyclist path in Cochise County, part of the Sun Corridor Trail. Alongside $49,863 in local funds, the grant is expected to create 233 jobs, retain 92 jobs, and generate $2.8 million in private investment, according to the grantee’s estimates.