The history of the Sun Corridor Trail begins with its vision: to connect communities, further economic development, create nature-based tourism opportunities, and enhance quality of life on a regional scale. Making this vision a reality is a monumental effort that requires the participation and collaboration of many agencies.

The Sun Corridor Trail is now rapidly gaining support because of its potential to showcase the beauty and diversity of this area’s unparalleled natural resources and enhance residents’ quality of life by providing additional recreational options. Plus, it will enhance the region’s travel and tourism by offering new destinations and places to experience western heritage and the unique Southwestern ecosystems.

The Sun Corridor Trail is an undertaking led by a number of counties in Arizona working together with strong support from cities and towns, federal and state agencies, and non-profit organizations to make the beauty of the Southwest accessible to residents and travelers alike.

To be realized, the Sun Corridor Trail will require a comprehensive planning and implementation strategy to analyze the spatial, economic, and geopolitical feasibility as well as assess community needs and potential constraints. Moving forward requires a strategic plan that includes implementation priorities, marketing, and organizational structure recommendations.

Our Partners

The Sun Corridor Trail wouldn’t become a reality without the collaboration and commitment of our partners. They include Federal and State Entities: Bureau of Land Management, National Forest Service, Bureau of Reclamation, National Park Service, Arizona Office of Tourism, and Arizona State Parks and Trails as well as local businesses and organizations, Trail Towns and nonprofits.

Current Projects

  • Received 501(c)(3) tax-exemption status.

  • Awarded $250,000 from the Visit Arizona Initiative Outdoor Recreation Revitalization Grant by the Arizona Office of Tourism.

  • The grant is being used for marketing, trail development and creating a Trail Town program to connect trail users to communities, their businesses and trailside amenities.

  • Drafting a Master Agreement with all impacted counties and cities.

Roadmap of Future Plans

To transform the concept of the Sun Corridor Trail into a sustainable reality, many entities will need to work together.

  • State participation

  • Federal assistance

  • The participation of nongovernmental organizations (Arizona Parks and Recreation Association, National Recreation and Park Association, Central Arizona Conservation Alliance, and others)

  • Planning for long-term marketing, signage, and maintenance